Jaws Junior Golf Tour  

Membership Rules and Guidelines



The following Rules and Regulations are intended to insure fair competition and the enjoyment of all junior golfers and their families. As you complete the JJGA membership process we encourage the junior golfers to carefully read these Rules and Guidelines.


  • To promote the game of golf through youth participation in all
    areas of junior golf.
  • To provide the opportunity for junior golfers to compete in
    professionally run golf tournaments and to develop and exhibit their golfing
  • To help in forming a resume for the junior golfer so as to enhance
    their High School and College team golf participation.


  • All junior golfers must become a member of the Jaws
    Junior Golf Association (JJGA)in order to participate in scheduled JJGA
  • Membership Fee is $45 Note: Take
    off $20 for each additional sibling.
  • Male & Female junior golfers, up to and including ages 18
    years old as of August 30, 2015, are invited to participate. providing an
    18 year old has not entered college.
  • All junior golfers must be able to demonstrate the ability to safely play the game in a competitive
  • All junior Applications for Membership must be accompanied by a JJGA
    Parental Release Form.

 Tournament Entry

  • All junior golfers must submit a completed ENTRY FORM for each eventby the entry deadline. Post entries will not
    be accepted.
  • The entry deadline for ALL EVENTS shall be by 5PM on the Friday before the scheduled event.
  • Entry Forms will be accepted ONLY BY THE ONLINE ENTRY FORM by 5PM on the Friday before each event. Note: Entries received after Friday at 5PM shall be considered “post entries”. Entries will not be accepted unless submitted on an “official entry form”.
  • Entry Form must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Online entries
    must be paid by credit card.
  • Entry Forms will not be accepted unless the junior golfer has submitted
    a Membership Application and a Parental Release Form,
    properly executed by
    a parent/guardian.
  • The Tournament Committee reserves the right to refuse an entry if it is evident that the junior golfer cannot safely play golf based on skill level and/or conduct.
  • Entry Fee includes all course fees, Range balls when available,
    prizes and a hot dog and beverage after golf.

 Rules and Guidelines

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Age Groups – Boys and Girls

  • Ages 12 and under play 5 Holes from specially set tee areas. Entry Fee - $12.00
  • Ages 13 – 14 play 9 Holes from the most Forward Tees.  Entry Fee - $18.00
  • Ages 15 to 18 play 18 Holes from Regulation Tees. Entry Fee - $25.00
  • Junior golfers will be placed in the
  • appropriate age group based on their birth date as of the day of each event.
  • The Tournament Committee reserves the
    right to place a junior into an older age group based on their current and
    prior experience/playing record.

 Rules of Play

  • USGA Rules of Golf and any local rules set-forth by the JJGA  & host club will govern all play. All junior golfers are expected to be familiar with the USGA Rules of Golf and may be requested to complete a JJGA Rules Test prior to participation.
  • Junior golfers will be required to carry their clubs or use a hand pull-cart. Motorized carts and/or Caddies are not permitted in any JJGA event.
  • All spectators must stay approximately 30 yards away from players and walk in rough or on the cart path even with or ahead of the players in their group. Spectators must stay off of greens, tees, & fairways.  Note: Under the Rules of Golf, an
    outside agency (Parents/Grandparents/other friends/spectators)  is not permitted to coach a competitor during the course of play at at penalty of 2 strokes for each occurrence. A serious breach will result in the competitor’s disqualification from the competition. Exception: A referee appointed by the Tournament Committee may interact with
    the players in their assigned group.
  • Tee times will be strictly enforced. Junior golfers are expected
    to report to the 1st tee 10 minutes prior to their designated tee
    time. Once the group is called to the tee, any late player will be assessed a two stroke penalty. After the other players in the group have played their 2nd shots, a late player will be disqualified. The Rules of Golf do not allow for ANY
  • Junior golfers are expected to properly withdraw from an event
    they have entered and are not able to play. All withdrawals must be by phone to the host club by one hour before the assigned tee time. Entry Fee will be refunded for proper tournament withdrawal.
  • Failing to show for a tee time (“no show”) without proper
    notification may result in the refusal of future tournament entries.
  • The Tournament Committee reserves the right to maintain an
    “alternate list” (late entries) for the purpose of filling groups due to withdrawals or no shows.
  • Junior golfers will keep each other’s scorecards during play. Each player is responsible for turning in a signed and attested official scorecard immediately upon conclusion of their round.
    Scorecards must be delivered to the Official Scoring Table at the site.
  • Range Finders are permitted in all events.
  • Cell phones are not permitted on the golf course by the
    contestants.  Before play, cell phones should be placed on vibrate mode or turned off so as not to distract fellow

 Rules and Guidelines

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Substance Use/Abuse: The use of any Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs on or off the golf course will be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct resulting in disqualification and/or suspension from the JJGA Tourgolf tournament(s). This decision shall be at the JJGA’s absolute discretion.


Proper Golf Attire:All JJGA Tour competitors must wear
proper golf attire while at the golf facility. No tank tops, t-shirts, blue
jean pants/shorts, jerseys, or cut-offs are allowed. During play, collared shirts must be worn and tucked in at all times. If a hat is worn, it must be worn in the proper manner. The above proper golf attire applies to all parents, family members, guardians, and all other spectators. Any junior appearing for play who does not meet the Proper Golf Attire requirements will be disqualified from their tee time. Anyone not abiding by these policies (those set forth by
the golf courses and the game of golf) will be asked to leave the golf course’s property.


Unsportsmanlike Behavior, & Parents/Spectators
walking with Players:
Abusive or Inappropriate language; disrespectful behavior towards tournament officials, club
officials/employees, fellow ompetitors/opponents/parents/spectators,
volunteers or golf professionals; throwing or breaking clubs; any form of cheating; parents/spectators walking with players; leaving the golf
course without properly notifying an official during a tournament round; and abuse of the golf course in any way will all be considered Code of Conduct violations. A two stroke penalty will be enforced by the JJGA Officialfor any behavior it deems unsportsmanlike or a code of conduct violation. A second offense will result in automatic disqualification from the tournament & a possible suspension from future JJGA events.


Pace of Play ~ Helpful Tips

Follow the below tips to prevent situations from arising during your round. This will help to promote a positive tournament experience and can keep your group from receiving a pace of play warning or penalty during your round.

1. Mark your golf ball (dots, initials, lines, etc.) and show identifying marks to fellow competitors or opponents.

2. Be ready to go when it is your turn (you should be able to do the following without disrupting other competitors):

a. Get to your next shot without delay, since you walk a lot
between shots. This will help  preserve a good pace of play.

b. Be aware of who is away. Feel free to ask, “Who is away?”

c. Obtain your yardage before it is your turn to play.

d. Read your putt before it is your turn to play.

e Be alert so you can tend the flag or move your ball mark if necessary.

3. Know where your
group is in relation to the group in front of you.

4. Anyone can search for a lost ball. Have your parents and spectators one shot ahead of your group to spot errant shots.

5. If a ball is not found after a brief search, the fellow competitors should go forward and play their shots to the green and let the player and spectators continue the search.

6. If your ball might be lost outside a water hazard or out-of-bounds, play a Provisional Ball (Rule 27-2).

7. If a situation arises and you do not know how to proceed, play a second ball under Rule 3-3 and continue play (stroke play only). You must report the facts to the JJGA Tour Official afterwards regardless of score.

8. Place golf bag off the putting green near the next teeing ground. This avoids holding up the following group to hit while a player retrieves their golf bag from the front of the green.

Rules and Guidelines

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 The JJGA Championship: On Monday August 20, 2018 at the Valleybrook Country Club we will hold the Jaws Junior Golf Tour Championship. Trophies will be awarded in all age groups. An Awards Cookout will follow play and contestant families are invited to attend. Prizes, trophies and yearly awards will be presented at this time. Note: A junior golfer member of the JJGA must have competed in a minimum of two (2) of the preceding seven (7) events to be eligible for The Championship. Those JJGA members and their families who are not eligible for The Championship are invited to attend the Awards Cookout.

 Application Verification: Both a parent or guardian and the junior golfer joining the JJGA must sign the Membership Application. By signing the form, the parent or guardian is stating his/her child is ready to compete on his/her own - without advice or coaching. Note: The JJGA Tournament Director reserves the right to determine that a junior golf in any of the age groups is not qualified for tournament play and will recommend attendance in the Developmental Group.

 This rule is for the mutual benefit of all competitors. Although the mission of the JJGA is to promote tournament play for all juniors it is also a responsibility of the JJGA to provide for safe playing conditions and acceptable pace of play environment. Before entering the JJGA events, parents/guardians should consult with the course host professionals and/or the Dick Smith Golf Academy teaching
professionals to discuss a junior’s course experience and competency to compete.  All evaluations will be objective and for the benefit of the juniors training. There are expectations that juniors who begin in the Development Group will quickly gain the necessary experience to advance into tournament competition.

 The Tournament Committee: The Tournament Committee
shall be made up of the host professionals, DSGA professionals and other designees. The Tournament Committee shall be the sole judge on all rules of golf and discipline decisions. It will always be the goal of the Tournament Committee to make educated and fair decisions that protect the integrity of the JJGA Tour and the well being of the junior golfers. Consistent with the Rules of Golf, all decisions of the Tournament Committee shall be final after all scores have been submitted and the event is deemed officially completed. The
Tournament Co-Chairmen shall be Dick Smith, PGA,  Tom Smith, PGA. and Zak Smith, PGA Apprentice.